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Virtual Football Analysis & Training Platform


Now there is a virtual football platform where you can quickly improve yourself and increase your market value


Analyze your technical ability with our unique tests designed by our professionals


It discovers your deficiencies and provides you with maximum development in minimum time with training programs suitable for your needs.


Track your progress with Sensiball VR and compare yourself to other players to see your progress


Feel the virtual world simultaneously with our unique haptic device

New World Of Reality

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Football is changing


Today, football is a fast team game. Success can come, not only with players who can run fast, but also who have high technical capacity and decision-making abilities. 


Game Intelligence

The most important thing in football is to see where the game will evolve through and take the effective decision at the right time. This is a unique ability called game intelligence. Evaluating and developing this ability is one of the most difficult parts of the development process. The aim of Sensiball VR is to boost your ability in an easy and traceable way.


Technical Capacity

No matter how correct the effective decisions are, giving the desired direction to the game requires high football technique, as well. No matter how right your decision is, a trained player's technique is an essential parameter for the fluency in football.


Tactical Success

Tactics that are not supported by cognitive intelligence and technical skills cannot be successful. Scientifically designed and reportable studies are required for a sustainable success. Sensiball VR will develop you in every possible way by maximizing your football technique and tactical adaptability.

Standard Training

The lack of a standard training form in football is the biggest reason why the obstacles are still standing in front of our success and cannot be detected. Only with a standard training can correct assessment and errors be detected. At the same time, the absence of standardized training cause the waste of time and delays emprovement.

See your progress with our unique reports

With Sensiball VR you can track whether your workouts are effective or not. By providing reports, it shows you in which areas you have improved and how much. You can also compare yourself to your opponents/teammates by seeing the progress of other players.

Speed-Up &

Increase Your Value

By training with SENSIBALL VR, you can stay up-to-date, quickly increase your market value, and be noticed among others with your achievements. You can make your dreams come true with Sensiball VR.


Test Yourself

You can reach your dreams in the shortest way with Sensiball VR testing algorithms. Our analysis methods, which have been developed specifically for your training in the virtual world, aim to carry you to your goal in the shortest way. Come and test yourself!


Your Private Trainer

After analyzing you, you can improve yourself in the most accurate and fastest way with our special training programs created specifically for you. Sensiball VR is more than a trainer, it understands you and is formed according to your needs.


Be free

Heavy weather conditions, injuries, lack of equipment, infectious diseases and all other negativities will no longer matter to you. Because Sensiball VR is the shortest way to your dreams.


Feel The Vitual Universe

To develop football in the virtual world, besides seeing and hearing, a sense of touch is also required; since football cannot be learned without feeling the kicks. Our technology gives this power to its users


Sensiball Haptic Apparatus

Thanks to our haptic apparatus produced by Sensiball VR and patented, you will feel the ball in the closest way to reality while training in the virtual world, at the same time in the hit areas of your feet, head and hands.


Two Point Precision

In sports such as football, where technique is very important, one of the vital factors affecting the learning is the sensitivity between two points over skin. The most successful measurement obtained by bringing two distant points on the skin closer to each other at each step determines the level of sensitivity between the two points. As this sensitivity increases - meaning the distance between two referance measurement points decreases - , accuracy and technical ability increase proportionally.



Thanks to our haptic apparatus, players can improve their ability to hit the target, learn, control and react by increasing their capacity to sense between two points over skin as they train in SENSIBALL VR. In this way, both technical and cognitive abilities can be increased in proportion to the frequency of training.


is the trade mark for SENSIBALL VR haptic apparatus. It will be presented to the market with our hand, foot, head and whole body solutions.


Value Propositions

By training in SENSIBALL VR, you can quickly increase your technical and cognitive skills to the level you desire and be noticed all over the world.


The shortest way to your dreams!

In the football field environment, you can meet the balls that can improve your technical and cognitive skills, at most 30 or 40 times in an hour. In SENSIBALL VR, on the other hand, the training plan and scene types required for your skill development are determined by the tests we perform. Thus, you can reach the most possible ball quality in every 5 seconds with the training suggestions suitable for you. Hence, you will be able to progress rapidly on the path of elite football players.


Individual Solution - Holistic Impact

The building blocks of teams are players. The speed, football intelligence and technique needed in today's football can only be carried to the field as a team, thus require well developed players. Training with SENSIBALL VR, it is now in your hands to become the sought-after player of tactical games.


Increase Your Market Value

With SENSIBALL VR, it doesn't matter whether you are a professional or amateur football player! With us you will be able to rapidly develop your cognitive, technical and performance capacity. Hence, you will rapidly increase your market value and be noticed by the world.

Shortcuts to your dreams




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